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Magnum Machine Tools is a quality engineering supply company using a legacy of industrial knowledge in sub saharan Africa to meet modern metal working performance specifications.

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At Magnum Machine Tools we strive to satisfy our customer's requirements by supplying them with the correct new or second-hand machine tools to suit their production needs.

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Founded by Sean Walker in May 2007 and later joined by Cyril Francis. Our Proffesional Team is all about Passionate, Focussed, Control and Transparency!

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Our Methodology

Behind the supply of tools lies a complex system which must ensure high levels of process reliability. Having the right tool available in the right place at the right time is an absolute requirement for uninterrupted production. A well-managed tool management system can also lead to a considerable reduction in procurement and warehousing costs. Magnum Precision Tools plan and manage tool supply for a wide range of companies and industries. These include large industrial plants, as well as medium-sized and smaller enterprises.

    Customised offerings
  • Cost control
  • Potential efficiency utilised to the full
  • Reduction of working capital
  • Services from a single source
  • High-level advice from Magnum Precision Tools
  • Total number of tools reduced – Up to 20%
  • Overall tool consumption – Up to 15%
  • Better machine utilisation – 5% average

Tool Effeciency

Precision tools are a vital part of industrial manufacturing – production plants would simply not function efficiently without them. What does this mean in real terms though? At Magnum Precision Tools we take a good hard look at the entire process for every project – from the machining strategy all the way down to the selection of suitable tools. This allows us to offer solutions that have a real, measurable effect on the performance of your operation.

Frequently Aksed Questions

01. Tool Logistics

Longer Service Life

  • The use of pioneering surface coatings, like Nanomold Red, means that tools last longer and machines keep working with minimal downtime.
  • Higher Output

    Higher output can be achieved in a production period, for example by using stronger materials and faster milling times.

    Improved Quality

  • Top-class production demands high-quality tools that meet the narrowest tolerances and minimise material wastage.
  • Lower Costs

  • A high-grade tool that can be used for more than one working process – without any loss of quality.
  • Trusted Partners

  • Magnum Precission Machine Tools works hard to set the industry standard for excellence among machine tool suppliers. Being proactive in leading industry practices and certifications to ensure competency in this field.
    • MPT provides a continuous supply of quality, reliable machine tools, resulting in on-time delivery. This means fewer delays and less down time in your production cycle.
    • MPT, through its memberships, certifications and alliances, sets the example for its industry peers. Aiming to be the most trustworthy machine tools supplier in the South African marketplace.

    02. Abrasives

    Cheap and value aren’t necessarily the same thing. Poor quality abrasives can cause delays, machine damage, and material wastage due to poorly finished or burnt pieces that can’t be used.

    At Magnum Precision Tools we focus on providing you with the optimal production profile, helping you to achieve the best cutting, grinding, finishing, and polishing results at the lowest overall cost per piece.

    This we do by examining a variety of factors, like:
  • Grit
  • Grinding force
  • Feeds and Speeds
  • Equipment configuration
  • Other applicable variables
  • Dressing of abrasive products usually consists of two stages:


    Where the grinding face of the product is brought back into truth.


    Where the grinding face of the product is left with sharp, protruding grain particles, which results in a free-cutting abrasive surface and optimum grinding performance.

    Dressing can be done off hand with abrasive dressing sticks, BoronCarbide dressing sticks, Huntington dressers or hand-held diamond dressers. Huntington Dressers are normally used on bench or floor stand machines. Precision dressing is normally done with single point or multi point diamond dressers.

    03. CNC Plasma Cutting

    Specially designed for heavy industry conditions. The result of in-depth research and development is, reduced air consumption, automatic filter cleaning and reduced operation costs.


  • Filtering is done by applying pulse pressure.
  • Filter elements are produced from flame retardant material.
  • Mechanical Air Suction System

    The smoke resulting from cutting is sucked out by a mechanical system, which is mounted on the cutting table. There is no additional expense for a pneumatic suction mechanism.

    The Team

    Magnum Precision Tools is a quality engineering supply company using a legacy of industrial knowledge in sub saharan Africa to meet modern metal working performance specifications. The Company was founded by Sean Walker in May 2007 and later joined by Cyril Francis and the magnum family is ever growing today!

    Apart from the sales department, we have a dedicated maintenance team which has you covered with respect to setup and after sales servicing. A subsidiary of Magnum Precision Tools. Magnum Precision Tools is able to offer you complete tooling solutions to help your machine operate at its full potential. Please feel free to contact us for more detailed product specifications and pricing options.

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